Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Fall!

The weather Sunday was unbelievable.
Sunny, warm and bright.
Perfect for taking pictures.
And rocking on the porch.

I decorated the bench on my front porch for fall.
Still need to “fine tune’ it.
I know I have another box labeled "Fall stuff"
in the basement but darn if I can find it.
Just wasn't in the mood yesterday to keep digging.

Here is my favorite Fall quilt.
I made this quilt several years ago from
a large variety of 2 ½” strips.
Definitely scrappy.
Set in a rail fence layout
the applique is raw edge.
It was so quick and easy to do.

Ta Oak Leaf & Reel quilt.
The corner squares are hour glass blocks.
The binding is the solid red fabric also used in the sashings.

Just love the colors!

It measures a large 85 x 85 inches.

I embroidered two more snowman blocks while
waiting for Brenna to arrive.
Did I mention they named her after me?
Yep, my middle name is Christine.
And I was named after my grandmother.
I was so touched when my son came out to tell us
Mom and baby were doing great and what they named her.
Really, is there a better smell, in the whole wide world,
than the precious bundle of a newborn?


  1. Your Oak Leaf and Reel quilt is just gorgeuos and so is the new addition to your family. Congratulations!

  2. They're both wonderful but I love the rail fence with the sunflowers. I keep thinking I'm going to start doing some raw edge applique on the longarm because I do love applique on scrap quilts but don't have the patience to do much of it either by hand or machine.


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