Thursday, October 30, 2008

I can't wait another day!

My first blog give away!
November 16, 2008

Win this beautiful vintage butterfly quilt.
I almost hate to part with it.
But everyone has been so nice....

It's my way to say "thank you".

While I'm not very good with words,
I really enjoy blogging.
I appreciate your kind comments and continued support.
I have my morning coffee with so many of you....
it's like we're neighbors!

I love the cheddar corner stones!

Here's the link to my give away page. Check it out and see how to win.

Also, the logo on the top right will get you there.

I'm so excited!


  1. Oh Karen, that is so beautiful! Im going to follow the link! :)

    Forgive me if I said this already in another post, but I had an older link set to your title ( I did this with one other blog too, argh )so I missed out on so many of your posts, its fixed now so I'll be back often and in the right month now ;). and today im enjoying catching up!

    ~ hugs ~ Cynthia

  2. Karen, I would love and be very honored to have my name entered in your giveaway! Your quilt is absolutely beautiful... I am a collector of butterflies... and your quilt totally caught my eye!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that I might be the lucky one to display your beautiful quilt in my home! It would go beautifully with my decor!

    ~Lynn/OKC (email address)

  3. Karen,

    I saw this quilt on Lea's side bar. I think I'm a quilt junkie. I love quilts, especially vintage.

    I so want to learn how to quilt.

    This quilt is truly beautiful.


  4. OMG!! What gorgeous work you do! I haven't figured out how to link to your blog (although I signed up as a follower). My friend Diane Barfield (your friend too!) told me about your butterfly quilt -- since I collect butterflies and have butterfly EVERYTHING. All of your quilts are incredible -- no wonder Diane has you do her LA work! I couldn't possibly pick a favorite (except for the butterfly -- that one wins hands down!).

    Good luck to the winner!!


  5. Hi Karen,
    What a beautiful quilt. Butterflies signify hope for me, as you can see on my blog on my header. Having a serious Liver illness the butterfly became a symbol of hope and trust and that no matter what changes were going to take place I was free from worry because the Lord would be there to carry me through. I would love to be in your drawing.

    Blessings Lorie

  6. I just love the old time butterfly quilts. I still kick myself for the one I let get away years ago at a road side sale. Why oh why didn't I buy that quilt? LOL

    It is really hard to chose among your lovely quilts, but the Winter Wonderful is particularly lovely right now.

    I'll be sure to post your giveaway in my sidebar.



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