Saturday, December 6, 2008

Are you ready to bake this morning?
I have cinnamon bundt cake in the oven this very minute.
If I could release the smells thru the screen you would be
running right over for a piece. I swear.
Brewing a fresh pot of coffee, just in case.

Both recipes are Deee....licious.

And you know how we love "fully loaded"
chocoalte chip cookies at our house.
This recipe is our new favorite!
Sooo chewy you'd think there was
coconut in the recipe. But not.

Seeings how these contain oatmeal
do you think they'd count as breakfast food?

A few of my favorite ornaments.
Can you read the top left one?

I'm a Santa collector!

And last, but not least, my favorite Santa babies.

Quick page "Christmas Traditions" by LindsayJ

Next Wednesday, December 10th,
Tracey from
Notes from A Cottage Industry
is hosting a
Holiday Home Tour.
Your chance to see hundreds of decorating ideas
without going out in the cold.
So stop back to take a peek at my house.

Stay warm...........


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