Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It seems like 2008 has flown by, doesn't it?

This past week has been difficult to say the least.
I'm not sure I've shared the fact that my 91 year old great aunt
(my grandmother's sister) "Aunt Polly" lives with us.
She has been with us now for 8 years.
Aunt Polly is an independent, feisty, spirited, southern lady.
Never married, with no children, and has out lived her 9 siblings.
She has aged "gracefully" as they say.
Her favorite past time is reading and
doing the jumble puzzle in the newspaper.
"To keep her mind sharp" she would say.
Aunt Polly's snack of choice.....
Little Debbie snack cakes with a cup of hot coffee.

In the past few weeks Aunt Polly became confused.
Over the little things.
She was sleeping more and eating less.
On Sunday we felt it necessary to call an ambulance.
She didn't have the strength to ride in the car.

Unfortunately, she has a urinary tract infection.
Quite common in the elderly the Dr said.
And was dehydrated.
She will be hospitalized for a week or so.
My hope is that she will be able to return home.

She has, for years, made me promise
not to put her in a nursing home.
I pray I can keep that promise.


  1. You have to do what is best for your whole family - and hopefully that will be that she can return home. My mom is 88, my dad 89 and mother-in-law 93 and all living on their own - YET. Hang in there!

  2. My maamaa lived with us when I was a child. She was ancient to a child. She was also an independent, fiesty southern woman. I pray she gets well, soon.

  3. Oh Oh Karen,
    I should have thought of a UTI. I hope she will be okay.

  4. You are a great niece. I hope your aunt can come home too. Happy New Year

  5. I wish aunt Polly well she sounds like a neat lady.


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