Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fried Chicken and Pie

Spiral phone chords, fried chicken and pie!
Did you see it?
The movie “The Help”?
Equal parts laughter and tears.  
 It's a beautiful story of women. And friendship.
The movie will not leave any fans of the book disappointed.
It follows REALLY close to the story and is perfectly cast.
Sissy Spacek takes the cake (pie) as the senile mother.
Watching the Guiding Light on a black and white television
 and eating her ambrosia salad.
She was an absolute hoot!

There are no male characters that stand out
except for the editor of the local paper
who wants his door kept closed at all times.
He's convinced that
"one day they'll figure out smoking cigarettes is bad for you."

Here are the three "Best Actress in a drama" nominees for 2011 in my book.
Can you tell I LOVED the movie?


The Elkhorn Flea market was fantastic!
Hubby and I arrived at the gate about 6:45 a.m.
A perfect cool morning, no rain in sight.
I found some great linens.

This adorable kitty crib sheet and pillowcase.

And these gorgeous embroidered pillowcases.
With hand crocheted trims.
The workmanship is exquisite.

And I rescued another quilt top!
Just in a pile of "stuff' on a vendors' table.
Waiting patiently for me to find it.
A Dresden Plate.
75" x 95".
Someone put a lot of work into the hand piecing
and then just to be discarded......
Breaks my heart.
The basting is still in some of the plates!
Notice the rows are not straight?
None of them matching.
Charming......isn't it?
I think of all the time and energy I spend worrying about
color placement and accuracy. 
Look at all the scraps.
Makes you wonder....
Was this quilt going to be a gift...
or was it needed to keep her family warm?
Why wasn't she able to finish it?
Who packed it away?

Each top I buy is a piece of lost history.
Lost is the name of the maker and what her intentions were.

Can you imagine how happy she will be
to see her quilt finished?



  1. What a beauty!!! Can't wait to see it finished and restored.

  2. I can't wait to see this movie! Thanks for the rave review.....I needed a little push! And those linens are gorgeous! I have rescued many pillowcases with beautiful embroidery and crocheting.....and I try and use them when I can. Mostly when we have company.....and mostly just when it's women! LOL Men just don't get it....and don't know how to respect them! :o)
    The quilt is so lovely....and will surely give the maker a little smile when she sees you've completed it for her! Sweet!

  3. I'm hoping to see the movie this week. Can't wait.
    I really like the quilt top. I think imperfections are what sets them
    apart from machine manufactured quilts. I'm sure you will finish it beautifully.


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