Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guild Challenge 2008

Tonight is the annual Rock Valley Quilters "challenge" meeting.
Our own little quilt show!
Each year members purchase, for $5.00, a bag with 3 pieces of fabric.
These pieces must be used in your quilt.
This year the fabric is Sanctuary from Moda
and the theme is "in the garden".
You also have to have a flag on your quilt (because it's an election year).
My flag is going to be a button that I can remove after I show my piece.
Of course, I haven't sewn it on yet.

Here's my entry "A trip around the garden".

While I like to piece, for me it's all about the quilting.
I started with a simple charm pack and a few fat quarters.
Of course, I had 7 months to "get 'er done'
but I put it off until, well, would you believe, last week?

The challenge part for me was the edges.

I decided after quilting it to "wave" the edges.

Not scallop, mind you, waaave. So much easier than scallop.

This one is for ME.

Can you believe with all the feathers I quilt on customer quilts my bed quilt doesn't have any?

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  1. Love it! You do such lovely work. I have enjoyed looking at your creations!


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