Friday, July 4, 2008

A Norman Rockwell 4th of July

It was a real Norman Rockwell 4th of July! Our little city celebrates with a free "Concert in the Park". The local Symphony performs and the park is packed with people of all ages. It was so nice to see so many young families, spreading out their picnic blankets. We brought our fold up chairs and enjoyed a dinner from one of the charity food booths. The weather was perfect. A wonderful way to celebrate the holiday.

Each year the symphony performs "The Armed Forces Salute". The theme song from each branch of our armed forces. They ask audience members, who served in the military, to stand when they hear their theme. Proudly, old and young, stand up. Hubby was in the Navy and stood during "Anchors Way". Afterwards, the gentleman sitting next to us, shook my husbands' hand. And said "thank you". What a warm gesture from a stranger.

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