Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Visit to "Grandmaville"

The grand kids came for a visit last weekend and we had so much fun!
We played a million games of Uno.
Grandpa BBQ'd and we had a picnic on the deck.

The weather was hot and humid so we headed to the pool.
I must admit, just the thought of putting on a
bathing suit scared me to death.
So I sat on the edge of the pool in shorts and got
as wet as the rest of the gang.
The kids enjoyed watching Grandpa & Uncle J
jump off the high dive.

It was our sweet girl's 8th birthday.

We went to the Mall on a search for the perfect pair of shoes. No luck.

Ended up at "Claire's". Have you been there? A young girl's dream.

Plenty of sparkle caught her eye. She found the perfect birthday presents.

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  1. What fun you had... Love the Grandmas kitchen sign!


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