Thursday, August 14, 2008


And the rummage sale hasn't even started yet!

Oh my, I've forgotten how much work trying to clean out is!
Because our big move was so quick I didn't get a chance to have
a rummage sale in Las Vegas.
So I'm going thru my treasures (read fabric, quilting books & UFO's).
I am thinning my stash!

The realization that I couldn't live long enough to
use all the fabric and projects I've collected has set in.

Is it just me?
But time seems to pass so quickly the older I get.
My taste has changed. Fabric lines have changed.
I don't want to finish a few of my starts.
As they say, "One quilter's UFOs, is another quilter's treasure".

Just sew you don't think I haven't been working
here are two of my latest customer quilts.

The Wizard of OZ panel. It was fun to quilt.
And my favoite quote from the movie.......
"If you can't find what you're looking for in your own backyard,
maybe you never really lost it at all".

Mexican Batiks. Sunshine bright!

Well, keep your fingers crossed my sale is a sell out!!
Just the thought of doing this again.....


  1. I am just about to finish up the Wizard of Oz that has been on my machine for a whole month! It's been really slow going for me, but I am down to the finishing touches, and will be glad to return it to it's owner. I'll post a few pics on my blog when I get it completely finished.

  2. Oh, I meant to add that I really love the way you quilted that brightly colored quilt.


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