Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Hodgepodge

Our little guy spent another 3 days with us. He sure is a handful!
I just have to share something that he does that is sooo cute.
After he coughs he pats himself on the back!
He takes his little hand and pat-pat-pat on his back.
We have to turn our heads away so he doesn't see us laughing.
He's a Croc boy like his papa.

This is my weekend project.

I am going to make 2 window valances, a crib dust ruffle, line two baskets and cover the lampshade. It looks like a roll of toilet paper sitting in that basket, doesn't it? DDIL picked out a floral print and lavender and white polka dots. Going to top it off with white rick rack. How cute is that! Our new little bundle is expected the middle of October. The room is painted, crib & changing table set up. Just waiting for Grandma to add the finishing touches. What a fun job!

Here is my new toy. A Sansa Fuze. I just HAD to have it. And it's all my friend Kathie's fault. She called to ask me about MP3 players. Hubby and I each have one and listen to books from Well, she tells me our public library now has books to download. Free! I just had to check it out. I mean, free. Up to 5 books a week. Well, come to find out my current MP3 was not compatible to the Overdrive software they required. Kathie & I talked again and she tells me about the bargain she got on this Fuze 2 GB player. Really, what's a girl to do? I listen to books while I quilt. It makes the time fly by. I've already downloaded 3 books and listened to one. Now I just have to figure out how to download podcasts.....

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