Friday, August 8, 2008

Vintage Quilt Top..... 70 years later

What can I say....I love old quilt tops.
Just think about all the work Mariam put into making this top.
Cutting out each piece by hand.
Probably using cardboard from an old box.
Then hand stitching each 1 inch square.
If my math is correct, that's almost 6,000 pieces!
This top has a beautiful variety of 1930 fabrics.
I'm sure Mariam used whatever fabric she had on hand.
Not buying new yardage like we do today.

And you ask, how do I know her name?
I purchased this top at the Silent Auction held last
Saturday at the study group meeting.
I kept a watchful eye on the bidding. I wanted this top!
Lucky for me, there was a large selection of other stuff
that help distract the other bidders.

And as luck would have it, the lady sitting next to me at the meeting, donated the top. She included an index card with Mariam's sister's address on it and asked if I'd drop her a note.I also plan to send her a picture of the quilt when finished. How exciting to be able be finish what was started over 70 years ago!

The quilt below is a scrappy nine patch top that I found at a flea market.
Poor thing. No one wanted the quilt top. But me.
It was definitely a utility quilt.
But in perfect condition. No holes, rips or tears.
After quilting and washing it in
Vintage Textile Soak it's a wrinkled old treasure.

Our "Sew Whats" group is taking a quilt class this weekend. The trust me quilt. I will be sure to take lots of pictures. I love to see all the different color combinations. Have a safe weekend.

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