Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's been a L-O-N-G fun week!

Let me start by saying that
I know why you have children when your young.
So you can keep up with them!
Our youngest grandson stayed with us for a week.
He is the cutest darn kid but doesn't stop moving.
Kinda like that energizer bunny!

He LOVES to be outside.
With all the balls, games, and riding toys,
his favorite was a 99 cent water gun.
He thought it was so much fun to squirt his "pa-pa".
And even more fun when pa-pa squirt back!
It was a joy to have him stay with us!

The garage sale was a disappointment. We didn't have a great turn out.
I guess having it the weekend of the "city wide" sale was a mistake.
There were just tooooo many garage sales to choose from.
So, I put sheets over all the tables and left everything in the garage.
I will try again another weekend.
Maybe I'll get a chance to look for more treasures to add.

Isn't this vintage cake carrier the greatest! All shinny chrome.
A quilting friend gave it to me. With chocolate cake no less!

More tomorrow. With Veggie Zappers.

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